Friday, May 19, 2017

Do You Know One Key to Getting Through a Rough Day, Month, Year?

How do you deal with drama in your life?  Do you respond calmly and with patience?  Or do you fret and bite your nails not knowing what the outcome will be?

My hubby and I are in the middle of four major changes in our lives. Decisions have to be made. And there are some that are out of our control. There are days when it is difficult to stay focused and positive - not knowing which direction life will take. You hope for the best outcome and it certainly tries and tires your patience thermometer.  Some days you are up and optimistic and other days you wonder if you are going to make it if things don't work out. Sound familiar?

I am fortunate to have a husband who stays rational and even-keeled on the days I struggle and vice versa - it works both ways.

One of the best ways I suggest dealing with the pressures you may encounter in any given day is to remind yourself of all the good in your life.  When we voice what we are grateful for, it brings the needed balance.

Grateful for family

My daughter sent me this beautiful bouquet with my favorite color flowers -- purple! She is the kindest, most thoughtful person I know, always putting the needs of others above her own.  Love the poem she sent:
I am forever grateful for my precious grandbabies who bring smiles.....and hugs.....and kisses......and laughter.

My very own big muffin

Coconut right off the tree

Always stylin'

How do you cope with poor customer service?

I wanted to send my daughter a special bouquet for Mother's Day so I ordered it over a week in advance.  They promised delivery on May 10.  By May 12, I had to ask her if she received her special 'surprise' and she said "Nope."  I began my search mission which took numerous phone calls, a couple hours on 'hold' and could not get an answer.  Finally, I got a call on Saturday that the bouquet would be delivered on Mother's Day.  On Tuesday they called to say they ran out of flowers because of the busyness of Mother's Day.  They asked if it was O K to send it later in the week.

Did I lose it?  You bet I did -- but with DIGNITY :)  I am getting a refund, told them what I thought of their customer service and told my daughter I would be sending a picture of her flowers instead.

At least it was good for a laugh and she loved the picture -- next time I will try mailing them!!!

Watching the sunrise by the ocean brings tranquility

One of my highlights every couple weeks is to have a VERY early coffee on a Saturday morning with my dear friend.  We watch the sunrise and the activity on the ocean front as the ships come in.  The best part is watching the wildlife.  This morning we saw both a whale and a seal that swam back and forth.

Cherish the moments - we have no guarantee of tomorrow

Last week our dearest and closest friend lost his battle to cancer.  We have been friends for 35 years and watched our children grow up together.  It happened too quickly and he was taken too soon.  I am so happy for his family that each of his children and grandchildren had a chance to hug their dad and granddad when they said their good-byes, knowing that one day they will be together again.  It is that hope that helps get us through.

Doing the Fly on the Wall challenge is one of my favorites all month.  We get to share our own life and see what is happening with other bloggers we follow.  Hope you can take a few minutes to support these bloggers by having a look at what is going on behind their closed doors.  You may find someone you would like to connect with.......

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

What Memories Do You Hold on to - Good, Bad or Ugly?

Memories are triggered in many different ways.  Sometimes it is when you smell a fragrance your friend used to wear.  Or maybe a bad smell of food (cooked cabbage) that reminds you when your mother MADE you eat it.

Some memories are triggered by sounds  - especially music.   I think that most of us have the most vivid memories from our teen years or when we fell in love for the first time.

Each of us good and bad memories.  Hopefully, it is the good ones we hold on to and let the bad ones go.  But both types of memories have triggers.

And then there are pictures.  Pictures of when we were children.  Pictures of our first date, dance or graduation.  Pictures of long lost friends or family members.

The pictures below are ones I remember from my childhood.  Some of you will remember all of them.  Some of you will remember none of these items.  Some of you may wonder what we ever needed these things for!!  And some of us wish we still had them!

Share in the comment section if you remember any of these......

When you filled your car up with gasoline, you received a free glass.  It was exciting to collect the set

free glassware

You had to hold this camera very steady and when the flash went off it blinded you and often the bulb burst and broke -- very messy


 When my kids were little they wore cloth diapers with rubber pants.  We did a lot more laundry.  If I had to do it over again, I would still use them over disposables

baby rubber pants

America's favorite family show -- glad to see Steve Harvey brought it back with
"Little Big Shots"

Little Big Shots

I didn't grow up with one of these but my kids did -- we lived on an acreage without indoor plumbing while we were building our house.

out house

 Every September we got a new pair of Saddle Oxfords.  You had to use use white shoe polish that you applied with a wet applicator to keep them looking nice for the whole year.

saddle oxfords

Every pre-teenage girl had one of these on her Christmas list.  We kept our deepest secrets in it and prayed no one would find the key - often wore on a string around our neck.


 The kitchen chairs were vinyl and you stuck to them in the heat of summer.  The table had one or two leaves to make it bigger when we had company

1960s kitchen table set

Theater or church seats were NOT that comfortable

theater seats

Going to the Sock Hop was so much fun once a year.  You danced in your socks and left your saddle oxfords by the entrance.

sock hop

One button to turn the lights on and one to turn them off 

1940s light switch

 These aren't that old - some are still around
Most people had party lines which meant that two households had the same number and you could hear their conversations.  You also had to wait until they were off the phone (possibly your neighbor or someone across town) before you could make your call.  ANNOYING

dial phone

Vanilla Phosphate Soda -- the VERY BEST.  Still miss them

drug store fountain

When you got gas, you got your windows washed, oil and tires checked and a free glass or plate to add to your collection.

full service gas

 You could tell when a fuse burned out!

fuse box

 So EXITING to get my first home perm.  I looked like I put my finger in an electrical socket and it took forever to grow out, stunk something awful and made your hair like straw.

home perm

Every booth in the local restaurants had one of these.  You put in 25 cents and could play up to three songs of your choosing

juke box

Keeping those seams straight was a difficult feat.  If they were crooked you looked unkempt.  The garter clips dug into your thigh when you sat down and were painful.
But........sure a lot sexier than panty hose!

seamed nylons

Some people threw their tinsel on the Christmas tree.  We placed them one strand at a time.  It was a great family time.

tinsel on Christmas tree

Diaper pins for cloth diapers and God help your baby if one of them opened and pricked their little behind!

diaper pins

You had to look up the book you wanted to take out at the library by going through the card file to find out where it was in the library

index cards at library

No such thing as lunch boxes or back packs

paper lunch bags

 Doing the laundry was a full day's job -- every Monday

wringer washing machine

The only adhesive we had in school -- what a mess to work with.


 This hair gel turned your hair into cement and keep your "do" intact even when you slept

dippity do

 I saved for a month to buy my first transistor radio -- it cost $1 but was worth every penny.  If you stood in just the right spot you could pick up more than one channel and listen to your favorite tunes.

transistor radio

We would sit around this radio on the weekends and listen to our sit-coms.  I never had a television growing up.

radio 1930

Friday night game night -- Pic Up Stixs was so much fun and challenging

pick up sticks

 My sister had to curl my hair every Saturday night after she washed it.  These bobby pins HURT to sleep on.

bobby pins

Another favorite game we played on the front porch for hours -- JACKS

game of jacks

Our desks at school

school desks 1950s

 If your parents were 'rich' they would get your first pair of shoes bronzed and they would be displayed on the fireplace mantel
bronzed baby shoes

The very best....ever
Black cough drops

Friday, April 21, 2017

How Would You Like To Live In One of the Most Beautiful Places in the World?

Blogging is a wonderful way to journal your life.  One of the blogging challenges I do each month is called Fly on the Wall  and it gives bloggers an opportunity to share what went on in their lives the previous month.

This month my great niece and her friend came for a visit.  I had not seen my niece (my sister's oldest daughter's middle daughter) for a few years.  When she emailed me that she would be in this area with her friend, I was thrilled.  I think they were amazed at how much there was to do and see within a few minutes of our home.  They wanted to go hiking and each day was a new adventure.  It brought an appreciation for the incredible, awesome, marvelous world my husband and I call home.  

Our dear friends, who are away for the winter, were very gracious to allow the girls to use their home for the entire week.  

Sunny day

The weather prediction was for rain every day.  BUT...... it only rained one day and was cloudy a couple more.  Otherwise, bright sunshine -- a blessing for this time of year!  Here is their visit in pictures.

See the rainbow over the harbor?  When I fly to my daughter's place this is the harbor I leave home from -- it is a 12-minute flight which would take six hours to drive.


Friday, April 7, 2017

Do You Have A Favorite and Why?

Nitestar Ceylon sapphire pendant
One of the blogging challenges I enjoy each month is the Secret Subject Swap. In this challenge, another blogger picks a subject for you to write about in your own style. This month I was asked, "What is your favorite piece of jewelry and why?"

Considering that my husband and I have been in the jewelry business for over four decades, you would think it would be an easy question to answer.  But, it is not. Each piece of jewelry I have owned has been hand crafted and designed by my husband. He was as excited to give me the ring he created for me this past Christmas as he was to give me the ring he made for me in South Africa almost 50 years ago.  

I have always loved contemporary designs but when he has occasionally given me one that is a fancier design, I love it just as much.  

Here are some of the pieces he has made me over the years but my favorite has to be the first one he did -- weird as it looks, it meant so much to me all those years ago.

Friday, March 24, 2017

What Not to Do if Caught in a Dog Fight

I thoroughly enjoy each month's Fly on the Wall posts written by fellow bloggers who share what went on in their lives the past month.

One week, I was house and dog sitting for someone who has five dogs and a cat. Everything went well until the last day.  Two of the large male dogs live outside and around 4:30 one afternoon I heard a slight yelp.  I looked outside and saw them fighting.  It looked vicious.  In no way, was this anticipated nor was I prepared to deal with a fight.  I fully expected them to quit by the time I got outside but that did not happen.

I started screaming, grabbed a heavy plastic shovel in an attempt to separate their mouths.  They were ripping each other's face and ears off -- YES, literally.  I started kicking one of the males in the groin. It never occurred to me that they could turn their anger on me as I only wanted them to stop -- and be friends again.

I knew it would help if there was a hose to turn the water on them but couldn't find it.  I was crying, screaming and absolutely terrified.  One was bigger (Husky/wolf cross) and dominant but the mutt who was on his back actually caused more damage - serious damage.

Grabbing his collar I knew he could turn his attack on me

I was exhausted after 20 minutes and the blood was spurting wildly.  In terror, I called my husband and after I assured him I did everything I could do, he said all I could do was to let one of them kill the other if it went that far. was over.  The damage was extensive.  I called a neighbor who arrived in a few minutes and amazed that either one survived.  He cleaned them up as best he could knowing that the owner would be home that night to make any necessary decisions regarding veterinary care.

I chose not to post any pictures as they are too graphic.  When the owner returned home, she was thankful I was alive and well.  I felt terrible but there was nothing else I could have done.  Both of these dogs are gentle and loving -- who knows what triggered this fight?

I was away from home almost the entire month but had the opportunity to visit with my grandkids for a few days and will share in pictures here.

Ever wonder what a cow kiss felt like?

At what age do kids learn how to whistle?

One evening I kept hearing someone whistling and couldn't figure out where it was coming from as I was alone with the kids and my daughter.  Rochelle started laughing when she told me that Aubrie had been whistling since she was about six months old.

She would walk around the house, whistling a tune and it sounded like an old man.  When I asked Aubrie to whistle she started loud and clear.  I googled 'whistling' to find out what age most kids start and it is between five and seven years old.

When we went out for dinner, Aubrie loved sucking on lemons 

Hard to believe Brie Brie is ONE already
Every party needs dancing!

And then......there's cake

She was spellbound by the fish in the aquarium

If you had been in the middle of that dog fight, what would you have done?

I know you will enjoy these Fly on the Wall bloggers stories from their past month: